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About Erik

Erik was appointed to the RTD Board of Directors in 2021 to represent Longmont, Broomfield, Lafayette, Erie and part of Thornton.  He serves as the Chair of the Finance & Planning Committee.



Erik believes that togetherness is resilience.  He believes that our economy, our democracy, and our neighborhoods are stronger when we all connect with one another.  Public transportation is crucial to making these connections, ensuring that everyone can access all that our great society has to offer regardless of age, race, income, and health. Erik believes it is our collective duty to be diligent stewards of life on Earth.  It is critically important that we maintain and strengthen our precious biosphere so that everyone can enjoy the blessings of this beautiful planet for millennia and beyond.  Public transportation must play a key role in helping us work together to answer this call.  Erik came to RTD with a background in engineering, technology, business, and leadership.  …


Erik lives with his wife and his best friend, Anastasia Davidson, in Broomfield.  He enjoys spending time with his family, teaching Taekwon-Do, being outdoors, reading, learning, and celebrating the joys of life.

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