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The Issues At Hand

As RTD continues to grow and change, we need leaders who can tackle these changes and build the sustainable transit of the future. As the Director for District I, I will prioritize: Caring for our workforce, building a spirit of partnership, ensuring financial success, prioritizing transit equity​, and saving our environment. 

Lake View

The Environment

Colorado passed a nation-leading rule to cut greenhouse gas emissions with transportation, and now it is up to RTD to play a key role in this plan. I am proud that we are expanding our already nation-leading electrified fleet of busses, and I am committed to getting more cars off the road. We must preserve our biosphere for our children, our grandchildren, and for future generations.


Building A Spirit of Partnership

As our region grows, we must expand our partnerships. The most feasible way to complete the Northwest Rail, which was a poorly planned project in 2004 is to partner.  After 17 years of no progress on Northwest Rail, last year, we signed a formal cooperation agreement with the newly-formed Front Range Passenger Rail District to explore an alternative path to bring rail to the front range. Services such as Ride Free Lafayette, Broomfield Easy Ride, and Ride Free Longmont are critical enablers of mobility in the region.  RTD should expand its partnerships with cities and work together to find ways to serve the region.  Local partners are critical to success addressing transit needs across RTD’s unusually large service area of 2300 square miles.


Transit Equity

Many RTD customers rely on RTD services to gain and maintain access to all that our society has to offer because they do not own a car or cannot utilize one. For these Coloradans, RTD offers access to jobs, schools, healthcare, social services, houses of worship, shopping, and entertainment. I remain committed to ensuring that public transportation in our region serves as an equalizer that prioritizes mobility and access to those who need it.  This is true for all of the RTD, and District I is no different: we have neighbors in need.

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